"Mark - Men Don't Cry!"

Have you ever reached a place in your life where you just feel stuck? As if it's not bad enough to feel that way, to make matters worse you have a family, career, and a life that requires you to perform and produce - No matter what!!. As you sit there thinking to yourself - Will a sports car, or a new gaming system, or do I just a drink few extra beers and that will get me unstuck!? Those things may feel like they work for a little while, but in the end, do you still feel stuck?

I can tell you through various experiences that they are not the answer, and that brings me to you - Let me explain. You see despite my best efforts to answer the question using external "things", it was not until I took the time to get to the source of my power and my happiness. The answer was and is within me, it always has been. I want you to know that your answer lies within you as well! The answers I found both freed me and brought me to this place with you. The why, how, and what those answers are are the foundation of my work as The Men's Empowerment Coach. This blog and all my work are dedicated to men who are at a place where they know there is something inside them crying to see the light of day but are stuck.  
You go through life with this internal struggle of knowing there is something inside you that means something to you, but you ignore it because you are taught that is what it means to "be a man." What if I told you that is all a lie…Now stick with me here! I felt the same way a few years ago and I was miserable, but I pretended that there was nothing wrong because that is how I was raised by my father, and society for that matter (Plus I was raising my two children on my own as a single dad - We'll get to that part later). 

I eventually came to a place in my life where I thought that I may be crazy but I need to get to the bottom of this. I started my journey alone (the whole men don't ask for help edict rang through my head…), and eventually, by the grace of God, a few mentors came into my life and guided me forward. 

My work is a promise I made that when the time is right and I feel called, I will pass on what I have experienced and learned to others - To YOU.  To do this, I will start from my beginning. 

My journey started in the late '60s when my dad moved us to California...

With Faith and Dedication, 

Coach Mark

"The lens through which you see the world shapes your reality - if you change the lens you can change your reality" - Shawn Achor
Embrace the power within, The Journey To Your Truth Starts From The Dream That Resides With...YOU

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